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Large Bayonet Cap LBC LAMPS   (Same size as Mains Lamps)  22mm diameter body
LAM002.BC Bulb     12V 24W.    Lumax B10 RS  No. 701
35mm diameter globe,   51mm tall.
New old stock3.10
LAM004 .BC Bulb     24V 20W.    Lucas/Thorn 821
35mm diameter frosted globe,   51mm tall.
New old stock3.50
LAM011.BC Bulb     50V 15W.    25mm diameter,   65mm tall. New old stock0.95
LAM014.110V 500W. New old stockPOA
 Small Bayonet Cap SBC LAMPS - 15mm diameter body
LAM041Small CC Bulb  Single Contact   24V 5W.   No 149   
Round 19mm diameter.  Stainless steel

Equivalent to Mazda No149 or Alite A309.  Side and Tail. 
New stock0.79
LAM041aSmall SCC Bulb  Single Contact   24V 6W.   No 149    Round 19mm diameter. 
Mazda No149 or Alite A309 Side and Tail.  2 only remain.
New old stock1.45
LAM043.Small BC Double Contact 24V 18W. Osram No 338   Lucas Boxed  
Pear shape 25mm diameter.  50mm high.
New old stock0.45
LAM044,Small BC Double Contact 24V 24W. No 333      Lucas Boxed  
Pear shape 25mm diameter.  50mm high.
New old stock1.95
LAM045SBC Double Contact 24V 36W. No 123     
36mm diameter.  55mm high.
New old stock2.65
LAM046,SBC Single Contact 28V 40W. Atlas VCN-40C     
36mm diameter.  55mm high.  Horizontal Filament
New old stock4.25
LAM046a,SBC Single Contact 28V 40W. Atlas 995-2445  
36mm diameter.  55mm high.  Inverted V filament
New old stock5.25
LAM046b,SBC Single Contact 28V 40W. Atlas 995-3301  
36mm diameter.  55mm high.  Dual horizontal V filament
New old stock5.95
LAM047.Small BC Double Contact 24V 60W. No 128     
36mm diameter.  55mm high.
New old stock3.25
Miniature (Single) Contact Cap - BA9s - MCC LAMPS - 9mm diameter body
LAM051MCC Bulb Round     12V 2.2W.  11mm diameterNew old stock0.45
LAM052MCC Bulb Tubular    12V 0.183A.  10mm diameter RS 586-740New old stock0.55
LAM055MCC Bulb Tubular    24V 3W.  10mm diameter  6 onlyNew old stock0.45
LAM057 MCC Bulb Tubular    28V 3.5W.  10mm diameter  Ex display unitsUsed? Tested0.25
Small Edison Screw SES LAMPS  E14 13.8mm diameter over threads
LAM060Lamp SES    24V 20W   Tubular 20mm diameter, 138mm long    Vintage tested5.20
LAM060.Lamp SES    240V 15W.   As used in some ovens and cupboards.     New Stock1.45
Miniature Edison Screw - E10 - MES LAMPS - 9.4 mm diameter over threads 
LAM071Lamp MES    2.5V 0.2A.  Round 11mm diameterNew old stock0.65
LAM071aLamp MES    2.5V 0.25A.  Round 11mm diameter.      New Stock0.35
10+ 0.32
LAM072Lamp MES    6V 60mA.  Round 11mm diameterNew old stock0.85
LAM073Lamp MES   6.2V 0.3A.    Round 15mm diameter.
Some damp marks as on picture.
Old stock0.39
LAM075Lamp MES   6.5V 0.3A.  2W  Joint Services Code 6240-99-995-1922  
11mm diameter.
New  stock0.38
LAM077Lamp MES    24V 2.8W   Tubular 10mm diameterNew old stock0.40
LAM079a  Lamp MES Neon   Tubular  6.3mm diameter. 2 parallel electrodes for ac operation.  For use with external resistor.   New old stock1.00
LAM080Lamp MES 50V 2.5W   Tubular 10mm diameter. Hivac 5056New old stock0.95
Lilliput Edison Screw - E5 - LES LAMPS  -  5.3mm diameter over threads  E5 base
LAM085Lamp LES. 14V 0.7W.  5mm diam. 
Joint Services Code 6420-99-995-1903
New Stock0.68
10+ 0.59
LAM086Lamp LES. 24V 1W.  5mm diam.  
Joint Services Code6420-99-995-1906.  
New old stock0.60
LAM1005.95V_Prefocus.jpg (11156 bytes)Lamp Pre-focus  5.95V 0.5A.     Ever Ready type 2176. New old stock0.50ea
10 for £4.25
LAM101Lamp Pre-focus. 6V 0.5A.   Ray-o-Vac PR12.  New old stock0.50
LAM103 6V 100mA 0.6W. Lamp Min 6mm Midget Flange S6/8       
(Joint Services code 6240-99-995-9119)  MF/6/100
New stock0.25
10+ 0.20
LAM104b 14V 80mA Lamp Min 6mm Telefunken
NSN 6240-12-157-4119.  Some storage marks.
New old stock0.95
LAM105 28V 1W  40mA.  Lamp Min 6mm Midget Flange S6/8      
Type 388 or (Joint Services code NSN 6240-99-995-9118)
New old stock0.30
LAM108Lamp Sub-Min 3mm Sub-Midget Flange OtA1 
8mm tall.    Approx 3.8V at 100mA
New old stock0.95
LAM109 "Grain of Wheat" Bulb 5V 60mA  RS Type 587-664
3mm diameter, 6mm long glass, 30mm long leads
Old stock0.95
LAM110 "Grain of Wheat" Bulb 5V 70mA  Type 5L.4693.001.54
NSN 6240-12-166-1720
4mm diameter, 11.5mm long glass, 18mm long leads
Old stock0.95
LAM111   "Grain of Wheat" Bulb 5V 45mA  
3mm diameter, 7mm long bulb
New stock 0.65 
LAM11412V  50mA.    "Grain of Wheat bulb"
3mm diameter, 5mm long bulb with 30mm long wire leads.
New Stock0.79
10+ 0.72
LAM115    "Grain of Wheat" Bulb 12V 60mA 
3mm diameter, 7mm long bulb
New stock 0.65 
LAM119Bi-pin T11/4 Neon.  RS type 586-431.  For use with external resistance - 270k ohms for 200-250V ac or dc operation.New old stock0.75
WEDGE and Festoon LAMPS
LAM12124V 6W Festoon  No 260  Lucas or Lumax Branded.New old stock0.95
LAM124PO Wedge Type No 2.  "Telephone Slide"  6V 40mA.  
6mm diameter, 45mm long.
New old stock0.45
LAM126LAM_24V_50mA.jpg (17488 bytes)Lamp PO Wedge Type. "Telephone Slide"  60V 20mA.   
6.5mm diameter, 45mm long.
New old stock0.45
LAM127.Lamp PO Wedge Type.   60V 20mA.    "Telephone Slide"  Small Version
4.8mm diameter, 30mm long.           RS 588-077 or equivalent
New old stock0.45
PROJECTOR LAMPS      My prices will be lower than any advertised!  I need to test them first.
7388.6V 20W  
13021R.240/250V 1500W  
A1/3.30V 100W P28/25 New old stockPOA
A1/4.24V 100W P28/25  AtlasNew old stockPOA
A1/6.210V 250W P28/25 MazdaNew old stockPOA
A1/7.115V 500W Philips  6152C/05New old stockPOA
A1/7.240V 500W MazdaNew old stockPOA
A1/8.110V 500W Mazda  
240-250V 750W P28/25 Thorn or equivalent
New old stockPOA
.240V 1000W   
A1/59.110V 1000W P28/25New old stockPOA
.240V 1000W P28/25 Atlas - OsramNew old stockPOA
.25V 250W   
A1/206.240V 750W  G17qNew old stockPOA
A1/207.240V 1000W  G17qNew old stockPOA
ECR 7023
.12V 100W Atlas or 7023 PhilipsNew old stockPOA
A1/216.24V 150W  
.24V 250W  
.12V 75W reflector. Base GZ6.35. Hanimex code 151606-1New old stockPOA
  240-250V 650W Thorn or equivalent
New old stockPOA
.15V 150W  
.240V 150W  
  24V 200W with integral reflector.   Thorn or equivalent
New old stockPOA
DXX.240V 300W R7s-21New old stockPOA
ENL.12V 50W  
EL/60.25V 200W  
FDT 596312V 100W Halogen. Philips
New old stockPOA
12V 100W Halogen with adaptor socket. Narva  
New old stockPOA
JC  NDK.30V 250W BipinNew old stockPOA
LAM131High Pressure Mercury Arc.   Ushio Electric USH-102D
Typical running conditions 5A at 20V.   As used in UV recorders.
New old stock4.90
LAM132High Pressure Mercury Arc.  100W  Wotan  HB0 100W/2
As used in UV recorders.
New old stock5.90
LAM141.12V 0.55A APF/CC ML/4650
LAM1556V 15W SBC with flange.  .  Exciter M19
Philips  13702G PX22c
New old stock4.90
LAM161.240V 35W SOX.  
Low pressure Sodium lamp as used in some street lighting.  OCb
New old stock24.00
LAM163.240V 375W  PP/3/R Reflector Photoflood
Photographic lamp with exposure guide.
New old stockPOA
LAM208 28V 50W Sealed Beam Aircraft Lamp  General Electric  Type 4589. Part No SC270016-1 
Services/NATO REf 1430=99-756-3935
110mm diameter.              Rear view
New old stock
Boxes poor
LAM211.24V 200W Pre-focus Airfield Lighting Lamp GEC *Similar to EL/60"New old stock11.00
LAM232.24V 70W Metal Halide.  Lucas 466  
TuneonTuneon.jpg (9233 bytes)SES Neon Lamp.   GEC "Tuneon" type 996-2106.  Designed as a tuning indicator or indicator.  12mm diam, 30mm long.New old stock4.00
Linear Quartz Halogen
.30V 250W  10 x 77mm. New old stock 
.240/250V 1000W  10 x 124mm AtlasNew old stock 
LAM173.240/250V 1000W  10 x 190mm. Osram Probably unused, testedEx equip2.00
.240/250V 1250W  10 x 190mm  Atlas.New old stock 
LAM176.240/250V 1500W  10 x 254mm  Tasley or Philips 13021RNew old stock 
.240/250V 1500W  25 x 142mm New old stock 
Photoraphic Lamps
LAM315 P1/1 Photoflood 240V 375W E27 ES baseNew old stock 
  PF 318Argaphoto E/49  Reflector Lamp 240V 500W E27 ES baseNew old stock 
Other.Other types - I may have a very few of others. 
Please ask and I can look.  More projection types to be listed.
BULB HOLDERS and Indicators
LH203Lamp Holder MES.  Bare PCB holder.  Solder tags for board mounting.Old stock0.40
LH208Arcolectric Transformer Lamp.  Operates a 6.5V 0.15A bulb with an integral transformer for 200-250V 50Hz. Two only remaining.
One with red and one amber lens available.    
Farnell 140-286 and 140-284.  30mm diameter, 90mm overall.
Old stock15.00
LH211 Lamp Holder SBC  Bulgin.  24mm diameter body 55mm long.
Heavy black plastic. As used in indicator lamp assemblies, with two side screws.
New Old stock3.30
LH212 Lamp Holder SBC  Ashley.  24mm diameter body 44mm long.
Pendant use with wire grip.  Dark brown.

New Old stock 3.30
LH226Midget Flange Lamp Holder.  Panel Mounting for 12.6mm diameter hole.
Lens 18 mm diameter.  32mm overall.
New old stock3.30
LH228 Panel Lamp with Holder. 6V 70mA.
7.1mm flange,  4.8mm panel hole. With wires.
New old stock1.90
LH265Clip in open fronted indicator with neon lamp and 100k series resistor.
Clips into a 28 x 22 mm panel hole. 
New old stock0.20
LH266Neon Indicator Crabtree 2491.  240V ac with bulb. 
For Rockergrid Mains switches and equipment. 
50 x 25mm wide, 28mm deep. 33 x 16mm bezel.
New old stock Boxed1.90
LH268 Neon Indicator  For use with external resistor
12mm square with 29mm long, 10mm diameter body. 700mm long leads.
New old stock 0.50
LH303 Panel Wedge Lamp Holder 10-FHR58/4. PO and services pattern.
73mm deep, 50mm behind panel.  Plain or Grey as available.
For PO lamp No. 2 to BS 1050.
Ex Equipment3.80
LH304 Dimmable Panel  Lamp Holder with Switch.
Orange lens with variable slit operated by rotation of knob which on pressing operates a momentary contact. One only. ?used. 12.6mm panel hole, 61mm long.
LH305 Panel MBC Lamp Holder.   NATO stock no. 6210 99 580 1731.
19mm bezel diameter, 16mm panel hole, 36mm overall in length.

Last update:   February 12, 2017