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Here you can list your private wants and sales of Electrojumble at no charge.

For insertion please contact me with details and if acceptable I shall insert.  Any offers can be sent to me and I shall forward these to the owner of the item(s) or the "wanter".  

This is purely a service for users and I am not responsible for  the contents of the listings or for the items and the conduct of negotiations between the parties.


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Description Condition Price GBP
      . .
A. . For Sale  R1155 PSU
Communication Receiver R1155 Power supplies. 

Details awaited
. .
Chris Wanted R1155 meter for the DF.  See picture.

It has four screw terminals at the rear and one central screw. Case may vary slightly from that shown. 

Also wanted  4 and 8 way connectors for front panel


Any .
Dave2 - 101 For Sale
Large Panel Indicator lamp with plastic lens, red or green and small bayonet cap lamp holder.  No bulb
Used - clean 5.60
Peter H . For Sale
Roberts Radios - several for parts or repair
Not working 7.00 each

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Genuine retro monochrome TV by Ultra for spares or repair. (Not tested, so working status unknown). Packed with valves and other goodies.  A great opportunity for the discerning collector.  (back cover panel included).  

Collection from Bristol.   


Not Tested 25.00
Rob AVO VCM163 Meter.  Has been held as  spare meter for the Valve tester VCM163.   Now tested for current sensitivity, correct resistance and freedom of action.
The owner is not able at present to give a price or make them available but I can let anyone interested know if and when they become available again.
Unused and Tested POA
Peter H . Wanted - Hacker Radios Any .
John T   Wanted - Valve Collections and anything with valves Any .
Nick   Wanted  -  2G381 Transistors.  Any quantities. . -
Last update:   November 01, 2014

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