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 Industrial Panel Switches and Indicators


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Multi-turn Knobs and Dials are in the Potentiometer section.
HW102 Knob_6mm_37x16.jpg (7679 bytes)Knob_6mm_37x16_inside.jpg (17344 bytes) Colet Knob for 6mm shafts.  Black 37mm diameter.      Plug in pointer also available at an extra 0.05 each.     New old stock 0.15
HW104 Pointer Knob for 0.25" shaft. Less securing nut/screw.
22mm skirt, 18mm tall.  Flat, 18mm x 10mm.
NO grub screw or nut supplied.
Underside View.
New old stock 0.10
HW117 . Colet Knob for 1/4 inch, 6.35mm shafts.  Berco type MOU229. Black 57mm diameter. 
Metal dial plates can be secured to the 3 holes at the rear. Some available at 1.00 extra
New old stock 3.10
HW119 Colet Knob, "Ultra Dial 28 BTĒ SGDC.   French?
75mm diameter. With slow motion drive - not working.
One only
  Underside view. Possibly incomplete.
Used 4.30
HW143 Nylon Drive Cord. "Dial Cord"  0.8mm diameter. 
Multi-stranded core with woven outer sheath. The weave of the sheath ensures good grip on pulleys  - see detailed picture below.
Old stock 0.50
per metre
HW145 . Lacing Cord. 
Black as used in Military and Test equipments in the 1950s and 1960s.
Old stock 0.50
per metre
HW201 Hand Wheel - threaded knob.
31mm overall diameter, 20mm deep. M6 brass thread.
   Side view
New old stock 0.90
HW211 Pair Imhof Handles.  Plated Steel. 90mm centres, 50mm stand off.
Unused  but some may have light rusting on threads.
New old stock 2.50
HW252 Capacitor Clip 30mm.   10mm band, 45mm between mounting holes.
Farnell DT2402 or equivalent
New old stock 0.30
HW254 Capacitor Clip 36mm.   12mm band, 50mm between mounting holes. New old stock 0.30
HW257 Capacitor Clip 30mm.   25mm band, 65mm between mounting holes.
RS 543-490.
New old stock 0.95
HEAT SINKS  - various others to be listed - enquiries welcome meanwhile!..
HS125 Heat Sink - 12 finned.
165 x 58 x 150mm Plain aluminium, undrilled.
New old stock 9.60
HS225 Heat Sink.
20 x 20 x 20mm.
New old stock 0.75
HS227 Heat Sink. RS type 401-863, Fischer FK22SA or equivalent.
25 x 12 x 30mm. With PCB lugs.
New old stock 0.80
HS326 Heat Sink, TO5 push-on New old stock 0.70
Slide Switches
SW101 Slide Switch 2p 2w, RS or equiv.
35 x 17mm. Holes 28mm centres
New old stock 1.90
SW102 Slide Switch  3 position, 2p 3w. RS 334-101
25 x 9mm. Tapped holes 18mm centres. 2 only
New old stock 2.90
SW103 Slide Switch 6 pole 3w. SS63DO1G12. 025-630121-000
24 connections.  Probably Sony or Hitachi.
32 x 9.5 mm. Tapped holes 25.4 mm centres.
For connection details, see HERE
(80kB pdf)
New old stock 2.90
SW104 Slide Switch  Two separate switches. 3 position and dual 4 position.
3 position is 3 make pairs. The 4 position is two 1p 4w switches either of which is operated by the single slide control with 2 balnk positions between the two 4 way operations.
96 x 9.2mm.  90mm between the tapped holes
New old stock 2.90
Push Button Switches and Push Switches
SW121 Miniature 1pole Switch.  Circuit board mounting snap action, normally open.  6 mm square 5mm high.  4 legs. New old stock 0.12
SW123 4gangPOnPOff.jpg (21813 bytes) Push Switch 4 gang  2p 2w (each). 
PCB or solder connection. Independent operation - push on - push off
Unused but cleaning advisable before use.
New old stock 0.90
SW124    Push Switch 5 gang  4p 2w (each). 
PCB or solder connection. Pushing one releases other(s). 
Unused but cleaning advisable before use.
New old stock 1.80
SW124W Push Switch 5 gang  4p 2w (each). 
PCB or solder connection. Pushing one releases other(s).  
As SW154 but with wires attached ready for manufacture.
Unused but cleaning advisable before use.
New old stock 0.95
SW126W Push Switch 2 gang  2p 2w (each). 
PCB or solder connection. Independent  push-on, push-off action.   
As SW126 but with wires attached ready for manufacture.
Unused but cleaning advisable before use.  
New old stock 0.75
SW126 . Push Switch  2p 2w . 2 gang Independent Push-on Push-off switches.  As above but unwired
PCB or solder connection.  Light storage marks on some on the metalwork.
New old stock 0.95
SW141 Push Button 10F/1786. 1m 1b.  2 only.
Can be taken apart to clean.
Unused 8.00
Toggle Switches, Rocker Switches and Lever Switches
SW164 Small Toggle Switch 4p 2w.  New old stock 3.50
SW165 Small Toggle Switch 4p 2w with centre off position.   New old stock 3.50
SW172 Toggle Switch 10F/10338 1m 1b
Can be taken apart to clean.
Unused 8.00
SW173 Momentary Action 5C/1226.  Rotax 20A D5507. 
1 only Rear cover has slight chip and crack.
Used 2.50
SW174 Toggle Switch 10F/1211. 2p c/o. Used 2.00
SW184 . Rocker Switch with Circuit Breaker.  RS Type 336-775.
Thermal Magnetic Type, 1 pole sensing, 2 pole switching.
3A at 240V ac or 48V dc.  25mm wide x 48mm high bezel.  For 22 x 45mm opening.
New old stock 4.00
Rotary Switches
SW204 SW_OHTO_2p6w.jpg (23804 bytes) 2p 6w Miniature.   OHTO JRE 2-6.    0.4VA max. 20V max.  3.2mm shaft, 18mm long with slotted end for screwdriver operation. New old stock 2.50
SW205 SW_Waf_5p3w.jpg (37663 bytes) Wafer Switch 5pole 3 way.   AB type "H" . Front wafer 2 pole, rear wafer 3 pole. With bracket. 153mm overall.    Wafer spacing 94mm.  Wafer shaft 6.3 x 4.7 mm.  Knob shaft 6.3mm (0.25")  x 18mm.   New old stock 2.50
SW206 SW_Mains_3w.jpg (20495 bytes) Wafer plus Mains Switch.  Mains AB type "AT".   Wafer "E" type. Mains rated 1.5A at 250V.   1pole 3w plus 1 pole make on positions 1 and 3.  70mm overall. Flatted 0.25" knob shaft x 25mm long. New old stock 4.50
SW207 SW_Waf_8p5w.jpg (21758 bytes) Wafer Switch 4pole 5 way.  Diamond H. Old stock.  40mm diameter.
No mounting nut.   2 only left.
New old stock 0.55
SW208 Wafer Switch NSF 2p 4w.  Used with 2 sets Precision resistors - 1k9, 2k5, 6k6 and 4k7 wired in series with a dummy wafer at rear. Ex equip. 0.30
SW210 Plessey Paxolin Wafers.  Old stock.  These are the basic wafers to construct switches.  They use mounting holes spaced 29mm between centres and have a 6 x 2mm slot for the control shaft.  Some have light tarnishing of the silver-plated contacts but this clears with operation. 
Available as:-
1pole 12way make before break (MBB),       2p 6w MBB and BBM,       3p 5w MBB,        4p 4w MBB,         5p 3w MBB and BBM,         6p 2w MBB and BBM.
Useful as replacement or new switch building.
Unused old stock 0.20
 SW231   Plessey 40mm PrintSwitch Kit.  A kit of parts for making up to 10 switches with a total of 50 wafers. With instructions, parts and tools in a carry case.  Unused and complete.  25 gold-plated wafers with pin terminations and 25 with edge connectors/solder connections. 
Wafers are designed to be strategically drilled so as to provide simple or complex switching. Make and break patterns may be mixed on the same wafer. See pictures for further information.
New old stock 90.00
Edge Switches and Miscellaneous Switches
SW351 Edge Switch BCD Coded 0-14   1p 16 way.  4 line output.
12 x 82 x 58 mm. Panel cut-out of 46mm approx.
Edge cheeks available in pairs as shown at 0.50 per pair.

Requires M3 or 6BA studding to hold switch banks together.
Unused 2.00
per switch
SW375 Leaf_Switch.jpg (17098 bytes) Leaf Switch. Single pole.  As used in recorders etc.  Useful as a model railway track switch, door closure switch,   and other low voltage uses.  Employs crossed edges to minimise resistance and maximise reliability. Normally open.  8x4mm mounting base, 20mm over switch, 3mm deep. New old stock 0.10

10 for 0.50

PAN1010 Panel Switch. Telemechanique XB2.M ZB2 RA91.  1m 1b pair.
600V up to 6A. Various ratings.
35mm bezel, 55mm behind panel, 42 x 42 x 66mm overall.
Used 4.00
PAN1012 Key operated Panel Switch. 3 position centre off, 2m 1break pair on each turn. Brookhirst Igranic 600V
35mm bezel, 75mm behind panel, 52 x 46 x 111mm overall.
One only
Used 6.00
MOTORS and ROTARY DEVICES - Servos, Transmitters, Selsyn,  Encoders,
MOT1028 AC Geared Motor 52 RPM 15 lb ins torque.  230/250V 50Hz Type SD9 
MR Supplies. Reversible with capacitor.
Original Box
MOT1029 AC Geared Motor 104 RPM 10 lb ins torque.  230/250V 50Hz Type SD9 
MR Supplies. Reversible with capacitor.
Original Box
MOT2155 Repeater Motor type B2. 24V 5U/4317  Tillings and Stevens
0.25" shaft 110 x100 x 80  dated 1946
Original Box
MOT2237 Commutator Transmitter Type 1A PV41F/35. Evershed and Vignoles 6BB/1093   53mm diameter, 52mm long dated 1962 Unused
Original Box


M20 . Graph Paper - Cartridge paper.  A4 Assorted Log and Linear  200 sheets minimum.
Other sizes available - please enquire,
New old stock 2.00
M111 Compression Gland M25.  For 25mm diameter panel hole.
Nuts and body 28mm across flats.
For cables of up to approximately 18mm diameter
Unused old stock 0.20
M112 Compression Gland M50.  For 50mm diameter panel hole.
Nuts and body 60mm across flats.
For cables of up to approximately 30mm diameter
Unused old stock 1.20
M121 Ceramic Feed Through - Insulator. With threaded tube and "nut".
27mm diameter. Threaded section 21mm diameter, 11mm diameter hole.  27mm overall length.
Unused old stock 0.40
CON231 Paxolin Tag Strip, Tag Board 28 way
With 10 earthing /mounting lugs. 265mm long
New Old Stock 0.70
CON232 Paxolin Tag Strip, Tag Board 28 way
 194mm long, tag spacing 6.35mm (0.25")
New Old Stock 0.80
CON256 Paxolin Tag Board 36 way for 18 components
99mm long, tag spacing 5.5mm, board 25mm wide.
New Old Stock 4.00
M312 Dual in Line DIP Prototyping Board.  "Veroboard". 
Vero Part No 11822. 0.1 inch pitch holes.
Genuine original Vero Board from Vero Electronics.
With 43 way gold-plated edge connector. 

  With a layout sheet for design. 113 x 164mm
Unused old stock 6.20
M314 Prototyping Board.  "Veroboard"
Genuine original Vero Board from Vero Electronics.
With 24 way gold-plated edge connector.  95 x 94mm
Unused old stock 5.20
M315 Similar
to M314
 Prototyping Board.  "Veroboard"
Genuine original Vero Board from Vero Electronics.
With 32 way gold-plated edge connector.  95 x 130mm
Unused old stock 7.20
M317 "Veroboard"  Prototype Board Perforated paxolin. code 01-0043H.
38 Copper strips along the length on one side.
Genuine original Vero Board from Vero Electronics.
454 x 119mm.  Holes 2.54mm (0.1") apart.
38 holes across 177 along - some 6,700 holes!
Unused old stock 9.20

Research Microscope, Binocular  Reichert.    
With Imanco motorised stage. 
Ex metallurgical laboratory
Objectives  32/0,55                  210/0np
                              Plan 3,2/0,08          210/-
                    Plan 2,5/0,08          160/-
                              Plan Oil 100/1,25  210/0
                    Epi 32/0,55             210/0         Qty 2
                              Epi 6,3/0.15            210/0
                    Fluor 63/0,9            210/0
                              Plan 1/0,04              160/-
Eyepieces  PK 8X                                         Qty  2
                              PK 6,3
               PK 5X
 Substage with dual stops, Polariser, Quarter wave plate, illumination with 2 sets of 3 filters, graticules etc. Facility for  mounting Television camera.


Used Offers Invited

Cost new 50,000 GBP.
OP110 Slide_Mounts_Box.jpg (24841 bytes) 35mm Slide Mounts 24 x 36 mm.  Box of 20 GePe.  Anti-Newton Glass, plastic framed clip together can also make 24mm square aperture.  Grey/White, with metal inserts for film retention.  2mm thick.     Slide_Mount.jpg (13644 bytes) New old stock

2.00  per box of 20


Last update:   August 23, 2014