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INDUCTIVE  COMPONENTS   - Transformers Chokes and Loudspeakers

Home Up Resistive Capacitive Inductive

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Chokes - Power Supply Types   Smoothing Chokes Iron Cored Inductors 
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RF FILTERS IF Filters and Crystals

Filt_SFE-10-7.jpg (11206 bytes)

Ceramic Filter 10.7 MHz.     Intermediate Frequency Filter SFE10.7M   Murata New Old Stock 0.45

,Res_MB8L.jpg (13840 bytes)

Ceramic Filter  BPMB8L

New Old Stock 0.45
L153 , Ceramic Filter Intermediate Frequency Filter LT465B New Old Stock 0.45

,Res_SFU465B.jpg (14052 bytes)

Ceramic Filter  Intermediate Frequency Filter  SFU450B  DATA New Old Stock 0.40

Resonator.jpg (9166 bytes),

Ceramic Filter  Intermediate Frequency Filter SFU465B DATA New Old Stock 0.40
L160x Ceramic Filters  Other types available include :- CSB456F18, KMF C366A,  CSA4.00, CSA2.00, CSA16.93, New Old Stock Various
L200x Osmor Coils  A few of these available.  See original data sheet here.
The following 11 types only are now available:-
New Old Stock 

From 8.00

RF Coils, IF Transformers, Ferrite and Components
The values given for the inductances and resistances are a guide only and are approximate within the limits of my component bridges.  Further data will be posted when further data are available.
The 10mm and 15mm inductors have two rows of pins  with 2 and 3 pins.  Winding A is the 3 pin row.
L411 Transformer Toko 15mm
Two windings, one approx centre tapped bifilar wound Adjustable 8 to 15mH approx.
Secondary 2.5 to 4mH approx.   

With windings and top adjustment cap removed
New Old Stock 0.30
L413 Transformer Toko 15mm.  Construction as L411
Single coil with taps at 10% and 50%.
Total inductance adjustable from 5 to 11mH.
New Old Stock 0.30
L421 IF Transformer. 10.7MHz Toko N2791PQP  X2792SBS.
10mm x 20mm.
New Old Stock 0.90

423.jpg (9009 bytes)Toko_423.jpg (9415 bytes)

Inductor.  Toko Coil 10mm Type FT06423.   Single winding 5 turns. With adjustable ferrite core.      Approximately 2.5 µH.   
Can is easy to remove on these coils.  Cut the corners a few mm up from the base and slightly peel back - the coil falls out.  Can is then reusable.
New Old Stock 0.20

424.jpg (9982 bytes)Toko_424.jpg (8816 bytes)

Inductor.  Toko 10mm Type FT06424.  Single winding 3 turns.  With adjustable ferrite core.   Approx 1 micro Henry.   
With 50 loose turns wound on, the coil is adjustable from approximately 100 to 200 micro Henries. 
Can is easy to remove on these coils.  Cut the corners a few mm up from the base and slightly peel back - the coil falls out.  Can is then reusable.
New Old Stock 0.20

Toko_425.jpg (11939 bytes)

HF Transformer.  Toko 10mm Type FT06425 identical with 08641. Two windings of 3 turns and 1 turn on former with ferrite adjustable core.   Approximately 1 micro H.   The 3t winding resonates at 120MHz with 18pF in parallel. 

 Toko_425_inside.jpg (9688 bytes)Toko_425_inside_a.jpg (8672 bytes)The can has been removed to show the construction and windings. 

New Old Stock 0.10
L427 IF Transformer 10mm Tunes 450 - 550 kHz.  Type 4A-224,  Yellow Core.
10mm Intermediate Frequency Transformer.  Two Windings.  
A. Centre-tapped 670 µH 4 ohm with parallel capacitor.
B. 1.6µH 0.1 ohm.
             Internal Construction.
New Old Stock 0.90
L428 IF Transformer (10.7 MHz ?) 10mm 7A-247R.  Blue Core
Equivalent to RadioShack 10564987
Two Windings.   Construction as L427
A. 4 µH 0.4 ohm with parallel capacitor.
B. 13µH 0.5 ohm.
New Old Stock 0.65
L429 IF Transformer 10mm 460-470kHz with external capacitor. 4A-363R
Equivalent to Sony 012-003630-010:  Aiwa 6144SCA006IFT
Two Windings.   Construction as L427
A. Centre-tapped 31µH 1 ohm.  Adjustable from 25µH to 50µH
B. 1.1mH 9.5 ohm.  Adjustable from 1.04mH to 2.0mH.
New Old Stock 0.45
L431 IF Transformer 10mm  1A621R
Two Windings.   Construction as L427
A.  350µH 3.4 ohm with tap.  Adjustable from 300µH to 450µH.
      Tap is at approximately 10%
B. 1.5µH 0.1 ohm. 
New Old Stock 0.55
L432 Inductor 10mm  FT06432
Single winding of approximately 0.5µH.  With adjusting slug
(Winding connected to the outer pair of the 3 pins)
New Old Stock 0.20
L433 Inductor 10mm  FT06429
Single winding of approximately 0.6µH.  With adjusting slug adjusts from 0.35 to 0.7µH.
(Winding connected to the pair of the 2 pins)
New Old Stock 0.20
L434 IF Transformer 10mm FT06430
Two Windings:-  
A.  720µH 5.8 ohm with tap and parallel capacitor.  Adjustable from 500µH to 920µH and tuneable from 420 to 500 kHz.    Tap is at approximately 5%
B. 0.6µH 0.3 ohm. 
New Old Stock 0.45
L461 Ceramic Former.  Ceramic Core/Tube 60mm long, 12mm diameter with 7mm diameter longitudinal hole. Unused 0.35
L462 Coil Former. ICM 187A.  19mm square x 14mm deep. Core 8mm square with 10mm width.  Central hole 7mm square. Unused 0.10 or 5 for 0.35
L470 Ferrite Core. Tuning Slug.  Hollow hexagonal for 1.9mm hexagonal key.  4.5mm OD 8mm long with a thread pitch of approximately 0.5mm. New Old Stock 0.20
L471a Brass Tuning Slug  -  12mm long x 6mm outside diameter.  Pitch approx 1mm.    Matches 25 BSW pitch.  End slotted. Ex equip 0.20
L472 Ferrite Core. Tuning Slug.  Both ends slotted.  2.7mm OD 8mm long with a thread pitch of approximately 0.5mm. New Old Stock 0.25
L474 Ferrite Tuning Slug. 
4.9 x 14 mm ferrite,  38mm overall.  Slotted 6BA thread
Used? 0.50
L474 Ferrite and Brass Tuning Slug.  
5.3 x 15mm ferrite, 13mm brass. 54mm overall. Slotted 6BA thread
Used? 0.50
FERRITE CORES and Ferrite Rods
L548 Ferrite Core Mullard Philips FX1115 Screening Bead. Grade A1 ferrite
4.3mm diameter, 1.3mm diameter hole, 5.8mm long.
Adds >25 ohms impedance at 10-40MHz when threaded on wire.
New Old Stock 5 for 0.25
L547 Massive Ferrite "I"  FX2263  Solid but may have small chips from storage.
Matches L548 FX2264 to form complete core with 45mm square opening.   50 x 50 x 155mm.  2kg
Unused 4.25
L548 Massive Ferrite "U"   FX2264  Solid  but may have small chips from storage.
100 x 50 x 155mm.   3kg
Unused 7.25
L591 Ferrite Pot Core Vinkor - Mullard LA1421 pairs. 
Mullard Data Sheets HERE. (pdf 300k)
This is the replacement type for the LA1291, LA2901 and LA2936 according to Mullard data.  Approx 94 turns for 1mH or 113nH per turn.  
No adjusters available.  10mm diameter, 7mm high as pair.
Unused Old Stock

10 pairs for 1.20

. . A few other ferrites beads and pot cores available such as  LA1497, LA1530, LA4328 and LA4344.  To be listed.
See also below TSnn for larger, low-frequency types
. .
RADIO FREQUENCY CHOKES     Various types available - multi-section etc.
L723 1mH RF Choke Ceramic former.
One only
L800 . Fixed Inductors - various modern and vintage from 1µH to 10mH   From 0.25
AUDIO and Low Frequency Inductors, Transformers and Speakers GBP
TS03    Output Transformer Wharfedale W12
TS15 Auto-Transformer RS Tapped choke.  150mH at 900mA.
For matching 3 ohm, 15 ohm and 60 ohm impedances.  For use in transistor output circuits or as a power supply choke.  Uses special grain-oriented laminations.
68 x 53 x 57mm.  82mm fixing centres.
Unused Old Stock 9.55
TS20 Driver Transformer for Transistor Circuits Radiospares (RS) T/T1 - 2mW
Ratio 1:1 with centre tapped secondary see RS data sheet for details
21 x 16 x 17mm.  For OC71 driving two OC72.
Unused Old Stock 7.55
TS22 Push-Pull Output Transformer for Transistors Radiospares (RS) T/T7 -500mW
Ratio 9.2:1 with centre tapped secondary see RS data sheet for details
37 x 24 x 30mm.   For 3 ohm loudspeaker and 2 x OC81
Used Tested 6.55
TS25 Push-Pull Output transformer for transistor circuits.
Ratio 6+6:1.  Primary inductance 0.3H +0.3H, resistance 32 +32 ohms, approx.
Secondary inductance 12mH, 0.4 ohms.
For pcb mounting 20x15x15mm.  Flying leads
Unused Old Stock 7.55
TS27 TS27.jpg (36444 bytes) Audio Transformer  Impedance Matching type TS27

General-purpose and line matching - power rating 10W.  Ratios from 4 to 40:1.  Click HERE for some test data and impedances.   

70 x 40 x 45 mm overall   330g.                     

Unused Old Stock 5.75
TS28 1to1 Trans.jpg (21557 bytes) Audio Transformer  Isolation and Impedance Matching.  1:1  600 ohm nominal.
Type 26343      Useful for solving earth loop problems.
28 x 26 x 22mm excluding 6mm pins.
Unused Old Stock


TS29 RS217-775.jpg (26368 bytes) 100 volt line Loudspeaker Matching, 30W.  RS type 217-775. For 4, 8 and 16 ohm speakers, tapped for 1, 2, 5, 15 and 30W output.    1.00 kg.  (RS price 14.00) One only remains. New Old Stock 6.90
TS41 AF Choke Wearite 214. approx 170H.  total dc resistance 5,100 ohms approx. Tapped at approx 33%.   37mm high excluding terminals, 28mm diameter.  Some Mounting clips available. Possibly tape recorder spares?  New Old Stock 5.40
TS42 As TS41 AF Choke Wearite 213. approx 170H.  dc resistance 5,100 ohms approx
37mm high excluding terminals, 28mm diameter. 
Ex Equipment 3.90
TS52 2 Transformers Mullard Vinkor LA2505 (or equivalent) with two windings and red tuning slugs .
Approximately 3.0mH and 0.21mH.  DC resistance 3.5 and 0.3 ohms.      Supplied as matched pairs.  ex Racal.
            Also available less tuning slugs at 2.00 GBP per pair.
Unused 3.95 per pair
TS53 Transformer Mullard Vinkor LA2505 (or equivalent) with two windings and red tuning slug . Approximately 3.0mH and 0.21mH.
DC resistance 3.5 and 0.3 ohms.           Marked BA20058. 
A sample could be adjusted from 2.85 to 3.3mH.
Unused 2.60
TS59 . Transformer . Ferrite toroid with 5 windings. 24+24+24+30+30 turns
Inductance of 24 turn winding 0.65mH, 50 turn, 0.95mH
15mm diameter, 0.9mm over windings.
Unused 1.60
TS63 Mullard LA5 Vinkor. 
Original 35mm range LA5 Inductor, replaced later by LA1174.
Silver plated brass plates.
<70 turns per mH.   2 only left.
Unused 11.00
TS64 Mullard LA7 Vinkor. 
Original 35mm range LA7 Inductor, replaced later by LA1212.
Silver plated brass plates
<39 turns per mH.
Unused 9.20
TS64 Ferrite Choke.  44H 470 ohm.  50mm diameter, 42mm high.
Other similar types available from 5 GBP
Ex Equip 8.20
Power Supply Chokes - Various Types available.  
Output Chokes for Loudspeakers
TS15 Output Choke 150mH at 900mA.  
For matching 3 ohm, 15 ohm and 60 ohm impedances.  For use in transistor output circuits or as a power supply choke.  Uses special grain-oriented laminations.
68 x 53 x 57mm.  82mm fixing centres.
See TS15 above 
CH111    Output Choke for Quiescent push-pull operation RI

Power Supply Chokes   Filter Chokes
CH221 1H 54 ohms.  GR17769 XD  306/1  Magnetically screened.
32 x 32 x 45mm.  2 hole fixing at 39mm centres.
Ex Equip 5.20
CH229 Choke 0.1H 1A. Gardners Ex Equip 8.20
CH229a Choke 0.1H 1A. Gardners Ex Equip
broken paxolin
CH235 Choke 0.12H <0.2 ohms.  Power supply choke
95 x 70 x 80mm
Ex Equip 9.50
CH237 Choke 0.2H 0.5A. 
Drop through type
Ex Equip 9.50
CH241 Choke 6.5H 210 ohms. Gardners GR26501  Gardners Power Supply Choke  Rated at 5mA DC.
21x21x 35mm. Mounting holes at 28mm. 
Ex Equip 4.50
CH243 12H  270 ohms.  Power supply choke 10C/5345  ex Air Ministry. Shrouded.
Rust on case, insulation good.
70 x 65 x 80mm.  Mounting holes at 55x50mm.
Ex Equip 5.00
CH262    10H 170mA 100 ohms Parmeko.  Neptune  Parmeko Choke, sealed type, ceramic terminals.
85 x 85 x 105mm

Ex Equip  45.00
CH264  10H 200mA  130 ohm Parmeko. Ex Equip  40.00
CH267    20H 180mA  250 ohm Parmeko.  Neptune Parmeko Choke, sealed type, ceramic terminals.
95 x 90 x 120mm
Ex Equip  57.00
CH272  . 80H 100mA  200 ohm nominal, 165 ohms measured.  Collins 8400-D Rectifier Filter. 
Power supply choke.  Drop through chassis mounting.
65 x 65 x 100mm. 6 mounting holes at 3 pairs of 80mm centres.
Ex Equip 62.00
LS101 LS101.jpg (29187 bytes) 8 ohm 100mm Speaker.   General Purpose replacement Speaker.  New Old Stock 1.80
LS102 LS_RS248-549_35ohm.jpg (22245 bytes) 35 ohm 85mm 3.375" Loudspeaker.    RS type248-549. Unused, boxed.  35mm deep. 71mm FC.  Old Stock


LS113 4 Ohm Loudspeaker. 65mm square.  Part No 5L.7713.001.06. NSN 5965-99-541-2703
Replacement Speaker for several Services Radio Receivers.  Plastic frame and cone.
Marked 3.7 ohm.  51mm fixing centres.
 Old Stock


Home Up Resistive Capacitive Inductive 


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